Informal Learning and the Role of Emerging Social Technologies

di fiordiferro - 20 March 2007
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From Teemu Arina in Bolzanoconversation07

When I talk about informal learning, I mean learning that is not directed or controlled by any formal institution or central body other than the individual alone. This resembles learner-centered learning, but more specifically, there is no one there to say what to do. It is solely driven by individual activity involving the pursuit of understanding without externally imposed curriculum. In that sense, there cannot be anything like informal training in the context of informal learning, because it embodies the assumption of the precense of an instructor. It may be argued that informal learning is not even related to education, which derives from the Latin verb educere meaning “to lead forth”, characterized by the presence of a more knowledgeable teacher leading the learners. The paradox of informal learning is: the moment you start to define or try to support it, you will start to formalize it, accidentally turning it into formal learning. This same logic is apparent when we recognize that social technologies are more suitable as learners tools rather than teachers tools.

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